Biometric Technology In Africa

Biometric Technology In Africa
In accordance with Technavio’s market research forecasts, the global biometric marketplace is set to grow in the automotive industry. It is likely To grow tremendously in a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 19.27% during the period of 20172021. According to an in depth market investigation, the business specialists prepared the report, Global Biometric Market from the automotive industry.

The period covered was 20172021,which insures the landscape and growth prospects that could probably shape the coming years. Although the focus was indeed the automotive market, the growth of biometrics is of importance to many aspects of the African economy. There are great technological developments being forged within the car sector particularly in response to certain weaknesses in current technology.The manual keys and digital keyless entry system possessed certain loopholes which left the vehicles susceptible to theft. The existing vulnerabilities drove the increase in the use of biometrics from the sector and these automobile access system will see a substantial rise during the next few years.

Owing to the economic recession, the last few years saw a transient demand for automobiles in the developed nation. The emerging markets nevertheless witnessed a massive increase as a result of elevated purchasing power of the customers and robust financial growth. Particularly in the BRIC nations, i.e. Brazil, Russia, India and China, commerce practices are vigorous and many OEMS entered the marketplace to exploit the potential. Major Original Equipment Manufacturers and keyless entry process makers are expected to invest in innovative automotive biometrics for vehicle access. Another variable triggering its expansion is the growing consumer requirement for user friendly infotainment systems. All these consumer demands for smart creation and access systems are also driving the expansion of global automotive biometric systems.

Demand is one of the key factors in why this sector is so important to the African economy. During the banking recession, many developed countries suffered large falls in the demand of automobiles which in turn effected development budgets. As mentioned above the demand in the BRIC nations continued to rise, and also the African market although much smaller was able to continue an upwards trajectory. This is vital if development in technologies is to continue which is also important to other sectors.

The biometric market is exactly the sort of high value, high technology businesses that Africa needs. The improvement in infrastructure and educational standards across the continent mean that businesses involved in this sort of research can consider moving to Africa.   Currently there are a host of smaller companies operating in this sector although they do have problems with obtaining other soft skills such as marketing.  Fortunately  there are options for automating these requirements for instance software exists like this sales video creator which can automate promotional material.

Biometric voice systems may be utilized to solve the problems associated with infotainment systems. These can be implemented to include navigation functions, communication and vehicle audio thus facilitating better user interaction with the automobile system.  It is important that Africa improves it’s internet infrastructure to keep attracting firms in this sector, which will be beneficial to the economy.  Open and unfiltered access to the web is a must and the allowance for privacy essential too.  This can be obtained by allowing the use of privacy tools such as proxies and VPNs- this subject is covered in this article about the BBC locking VPN connections.

Smart phone enabled biometric recognition could also help in automobile access and ignition. Europe, Middle East and Africa By the end of 2015, EMEA it has almost 51% of the total market share. It is expected to rise and lead other regions and become the main income factor in the coming years. Further, the existence of global automobile giants like Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW and Volkswagen makes it among the biggest markets for biometric vehicle access system.