Internet Speeds Increase Across Africa

For years we’ve heard stories of how internet connectivity is improving across the African continent. However now the focus has switched to speed and improvements of delivery. This is important as basic internet speeds don’t really support much of what the internet has to offer especially multimedia and video services.

african internet

Kenya has won praise with the fastest mobile Internet rates in Africa. The accolade has, nevertheless, been blighted by worries that the expense of connectivity is avoiding the vast majority of Kenyans from appreciating the advantages of faster browsing speeds. The 2017 version of State of the Internet Report suggests that Kenya now contributes to the continent with Net speeds averaging 12.2Mbps for its first quarter of the year. This is significant as many experts believe that speeds of over 10mb as required to fully support full access to the internet. This even allows you to route through more secure methods e.g you can buy UK proxy services to tunnel through access to UK business and educational resources like the BBC.

It has catapulted the country before its sub-Saharan Africa peers, such as South Africa (6.7Mbps), Morocco (5.2Mbps) and Nigeria (3.9Mbps). Kenya has additionally been ranked before many developed nations, including Canada, the US and Sweden with regard to mobile online connectivity, together with all the nation averaging 13.7 Mbps. Eroded profits ALSO READ: ICC politics soared as Uhuru woos Nandi voters with over 90 percent of consumers accessing the Internet via their mobile phones and smartphones getting increasingly more affordable, Internet service providers have sought to boost their cellular offerings in an attempt to tap into the lucrative sector.

Last week, Telkom started it is 4G network over nine cities in the nation, together with the telco keen on attracting new subscribers using a Sh4,000 monthly unlimited data plan targeting home and business users. This came hot on the heels of Safaricom’s 4G extended roll-out to various areas of the nation amid a revamped way to supply high speed fibre to homes through the newly established Safaricom Home Corporate Unit.

These profits are, however, eroded from the high price of information using the Alliance for Affordable Internet signaling that Kenya lags behind countries such as Mauritius, Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco concerning Internet affordability. “A more precise measure of Internet usage isn’t based on counting on the individual amount of SIM cards bought.”

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