South African Digital Education Initiative

Alarmingly, in a study conducted in 2011 it was found that very few teachers had any formal IT or technology training. Five years later, the landscape hadn’t changed much until today.

A new initiative aims to solve this issue and bring South africa to the forefront of technology education for the earlier age groups. This series provides lecturers with comprehension of electronic learning and teaching and also the capability to operate fully on the web on the LMS. Additionally, it will make our present face-to-face modules and races more digitally integrated and also provide our students a more profound learning experience.

“Ninety lecturers within our Faculty will take part in the very first training session, and that we intend to get all Accounting Faculty academics certified to measure 2 from the end of 2018,” additional Malan.

Stefan du Plessis, Commercial Director in the Eiffel Corp reported the ultimate aim with this particular programme is driving pupil success.

“It is vital for SA’s major institutions to make sure their academic programmes produce students who are designed to the workplace and that teaching pedagogy delivery utilizing technology is constant”, ” he added.

“Academic personnel and educators can deliver best-in-class learning and teaching experiences for their pupils, providing students an edge in the workplace”, he added. ¬† It is hoped that increased knowledge will bring in new digital learning experiences into the classroom. ¬†Particularly introducing online education opportunities like using a UK proxy for BBC programmes which are world renowned.

“An important element to achieving student success is if faculty have the appropriate skills to utilize the learning technology which the association has invested in. For many associations, while faculty have powerful academic expertise, and competency to educate, some are far less confident teaching with technology”

Crucial skills like technical and IT skills are vital for student employability.

“As students engage with electronic literacy through social networking, they have the exact expectations of the schooling experience.

“I am very happy that Blackboard intends to utilize our expertise in South Africa as an international case study when operating in more innovative markets like the UK, Australia and South Korea”.

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