Sudanese Welcome the World Cup

It’s an important part of the build up to the next World Cup, where the trophy travels across the planet before making it’s way to the hosts Russia. For many people it’s an exciting chance to see the famous trophy and experience some of the magic of the tournament.

Sudan might not have had much success on the world stage yet but the nation is football crazy and the sport has a huge following there. In the coffee shops of Khartoum, you’ll often see football on the TV. Mostly it’s local and African teams but the Sudanese, love football from all over the world especially the Premiership. You can even see people watch Match of the Day online on their computers using this method.

It basically allows the user to hide their location by redirecting through a Virtual private network. If this VPN server is based in the United Kingdom then the computer can stream directly from the BBC servers and of course Match of the Day. It should be noted that due to various broadcasting rights, the football programme is not available in the archives as long as most other shows usually only a few days at most.

Sudan on Thursday obtained the 2018 FIFA World Cup trophy, which arrived in Khartoum in the business of Representatives of FIFA Executive Bureau, as part of its tour en route to Russia. Sudan Youth and Sports Minister Abdul Karim Mussa, Khartoum State’s Youth and Sports Minister Al Yasa Siddiq and leaders of the Sudan Football Association were at the reception of the prize upon arrival at Khartoum airport Thursday. The event represents a brand new era of glory for Sudan, whose door became open to the world, said Abdul Karim Mussa, Sudan’s Youth and Sports Minister, at a press conference at Khartoum airport.

Such an event is likely to inform the world about Sudan, noted the Sudanese minister. Victoria Lopyreva, official ambassador of the FIFA World Cup 2018, for her part, described the arrival of the FIFA World Cup trophy in Sudan for the very first time as a historic moment” . She reiterated that soccer brings people together, stating I think that soccer unites people, and it does not matter which nationality we’re, what the colour of the skin or our social heritage is, most of us are really united by soccer.” .

The Sudanese sports police are scheduled to arrange a ceremony on Friday before the decoration heads to Ethiopia. The 2018 FIFA World Cup trophy tour, sponsored by Coa Cola kicked off last Sept in host nation Russia and will visit more than 50 nations and regions across six continents, travelling 126,000 km in 9 months in the lead up to the soccer tournament. The 2018 FIFA World Cup will take place from June 14th to July 15, 2018 in Russia.

John Hamilton
UK TV Blogger