More Digital Companies Invest in Africa

Africa as a region has certainly concentrated in the IT sector in the last two years because of the vast increase opportunities and continues to be bringing attention. Seagate has set its existence and investments to develop using their essential focus being Algeria, Nigeria and Kenya. In accordance with the business, Seagate began investing in station plans and individuals to expand their market presence on the other side of the continent. South Africa is just another sizeable marketplace for the firm as a result of direction and its market share in the united states.

There is a growing digital industry in South Africa and some of the other more developed nations. The improvement in both infrastructure and the availability of smart phones has boosted this sector. Although the majority of digital sales from Africa are made in the same country and continent – more and more firms are now selling globally leveraging a highly skilled work force and lower wage costs. There are now thousands of digital entrepreneurs who run their businesses online, although do to some restrictions they are often using software like this – details here, to hide their real locations.


“As Seagate, we find tremendous potential for assorted states inside the African continent.

It’s empowered driving the increase as well as chances associated with growth of cloud.

Long term demands continues to develop quickly and fuel the interest in enterprise storage systems for scalable storage; particularly together with the increasing popularity. “In addition, the find an enormous increase in sections like company NAS and surveil, as well the enormous demand for more sophisticated consumer storage devices,” Assaf included.

Included in Seagate’s go to-market strategy their local Station Relationship Managers’ key focus will be to drive the growth of the Seagate Partner Program (SPP).

Seagate considers that investing in individuals is the key that will drive future growth.

For investors with steady nerves, the bulls say, Africa offers an opportunity to reap a better return than they would in the “old” emerging markets — an opportunity to cash on greater growth than they can expect from, say, the BRICs or the MINTs. While economic growth and a rising stock market don’t always occur in tandem, some investors see the two creating a virtuous cycle in Africa.

“We believe that Africa could be the ‘emerging market’ story of the next decade,” said Mark Mobius, executive chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group and manager of the Templeton Africa Fund,

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21st Century Transport Apps in South Africa

If you are stuck in South Africa without your own car, it can be hard work. For anyone who has been stuck in a South African city trying to catch a cab is a very difficult job for those unfamiliar with the environment. However, that is all set to change with a new range of applications for your phone which can actually hail a cab for you.

They work using GPS technology, meaning they are able to actively locate the nearest available cab to your position. There are quite a few different companies targeting this space including Zapacab, Snappcab and Afta Robot to name a few. Zapacab seems to be leading the way in South Africa though, releasing the first cab hailing application last summer. Many more people now have smart phones so the economics of these applications is starting to make real sense.

The primary goals of the application are efficiency and safety. Obviously it’s far more efficient for a taxi to pick up a nearby fare than to drive across town, which save time and money for the user as well. The user is also aware of the drivers name and cab before they are picked up and a record remains of the journey which should discourage the practice of making unnecessary diversions to bump up the fare.

These are local firms who are creating these applications so they are tailored for the South African market, however there are companies trying to create global applications like this. Uber have also launched an application in South Africa, which is tailored for the luxury market.

You can try these applications out for yourself or check the local media to get some feedback on them. As always if travelling be careful how you user your smartphone and internet connections. Try and avoid using untrusted wifi networks when accessing personal or private data, it’s a smart move to use a secure vpn or proxy service like this.

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